Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a New Day in America


There's a wind of change and it blew all our hats off.
There's prosperity a'comin'. It's just 'round the corner. I can hear that a'train a'comin a'round the bend.
There's going to be a new deal.
He's going to put us all to work.
He's going to hire us to paint murals on all the soup kitchens.
We're going to stage agit-prop theatre pieces in the streets.
We're going to put on masks, roll up our sleeves, and beat cynicism and inequality into a bloody mess. And then we're going to pick up rollers, brushes, ladders, and drop cloths and paint murals all over this great land.
I hear they're painting murals out in St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago. They're painting murals down in Selma, Albama & Macon, Georga. 
Yes, even rural murals.
Let's paint this whole country full of murals.

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