Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gentlemen of Leisure

Chivalry, may in fact, as is often said, be dead.
But not Gentlemanliness.
As evidenced by this photograph, Gentlemanliness is alive and well.
'Gentlemanliness' being defined as "the state of being Gentlemanly."
And 'Gentlemanly' being defined as "befitting, or characteristic of a Gentleman."
And 'Gentleman' being defined by this picture right here that you are looking at.
Let us say a little word of thanks for the Gentlemen of the world. 
For without the Gentlemen, (and the grand dames) our society would have long ago fell into the cold,
 clammy hands of mediocrity's inconsiderate, poorly dressed, menservants.
Keep up the good fight boys. We support you.

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