Thursday, September 11, 2008

Style is back in this season after a brief period of when it had fallen out of favor

      Photo by Amelie Mancini

So Paul and I attended our first real runway fashion show ever in our lives on Tuesday and immediately became the new darlings of the fashion world.

We just figured we should dress up if we were going to go to a fashion show. But I suppose we are just so cool and such unintentional fashion mavericks that our appearance at this event caused quite a stir. They pulled us off the line where we were waiting to enter the building so they could photograph us for some international style blog.  We just looked that good I guess.

So now that we have been catapulted into the spotlight of the high fashion world, I figured I should use my newfound celebrity, not just to bask in my own glow or rest on my quaffed laurels, but to shine a light on some new underground looks and style-ideas - in order to give back to the community that has given me so much. 

Styleblogofthefashionworlddotblogspotdotcom is that new shit.

You're all welcome.

You have to wait a mad long time. All these people are just sitting here waiting. They gave out free bottled water though.

Paul and David try and pass the time by beating eachothers high-score at cellphone tetris.

The scene outside of the Benjamin Cho Show. Show Cho. Show.


dale said...

This might be the best fashion blog I've been to, I just wish it was a vlog.

dale said...
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