Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Boxes from "The Seventies" !

Hey look at this cool photo from the seventies.
I found it in this old box.
The box was from the seventies too.
You could tell because they don't make boxes like that anymore.

The weird thing about it was my friends from now were in the photo. Which doesn't make sense chronologically. I asked Jimmy Snafu and Paul Korzan, 'Hey how'd you guys get in this photo from the seventies in the box from the seventies?'

They were both like 'urr-uh-reuh' You know when you make the sound and intonation of the phrase 'I don't know' but you don't actually say the words 'I don't know", instead you replace them with kind of a slurred-grunt? You know? Well, they did that. Neither of them had any recollection of ever being in the seventies or having their picture taken by any magic time-traveling photographers.

but here it is anyway.

oh and P.P.P.P.S:

This one was in the same box.

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